eTPU2 Simulator Details

ASH WARE – Embedded Software Tools since 1994


  • User-friendly interface, which runs under Windows XP, Vista, 98, etc.
  • Support for both angle clock and timer functions.
  • Powerful C-like script command language.
  • Powerful test vector generation language with embedded loops and node grouping.
  • Integrated graphical logic analyzer with zoom control, scrolling, cursors, windows resizing, etc.
  • Watch and Local Variable windows, which allow you to view and modify local and global variables.
  • Function frame window, which provides visibility to the static local variables for each channel
  • Powerful execution control including goto cursor (instruction or script command), breakpoints, single step (instruction or script command), step in, step over, step out, step atomic, goto time, goto delta time, etc.
  • Association of ISR script commands files with interrupts. Script commands files can be associated with eTPU interrupts. When the interrupt associated with a particular eTPU channel becomes asserted the ISR script commands file associated with that channel gets executed.
  • Direct register modification. Allows register modification within the IDE, bypassing the script file.
  • Editable Memory window.
  • Functional verification. Allows you to define your code requirements in terms of pin transitions and data flow and automatically verify your code against these requirements. This will run in batch mode and will generate PASS/FAIL report files. Great for formal code verification!
  • Code and jump coverage analyses. Helps you meet the requirements of DO178B by telling you how complete your test cases are.
  • External logic simulation. Helps to model the external system by instantiation of Boolean logic external to the eTPU. Thus inputs can be driven by combinatorial logic applied to outputs.
  • Integrated timers to aid performance analysis.
  • Advanced simulated memory model.
  • eTPU simulation. The eTPU2 Stand-Alone Simulator includes the original eTPU simulation model.
  • Compiler support. Support for the ASH WARE ETEC C Compiler Toolkit and the Byte Craft eTPU_C Compiler.
  • Trace buffers, allowing you to find source code line of traced instruction.