IDE that provides project and build management, code editing, and full debugging capabilities through complete MC33816 simulation engine.



  • Full Integrated Development Environment - write and debug code all in one tool!
  • Graphical State Machine Development - define your states and state transition events (ocur, start, fx, etc) within a graphical state machine window.  State and the state transition code (cwer, wait) are automatically generated.  Just fill in the state code.  When simulating, the active state is highlighted.  A variety of Hot Keys support  simulating until next state transition or for executing to specific states.
  • Powerful Combined 'Logic Analyzer' / ‘Oscilloscope’ Window – view internal & external nodes as either analog or digital signals.  Also, view states as a color-coded enumeration.  Zoom in, zoom out, zoom to cursors, etc.  Powerful interaction with the simulation runs, for example drag & drop a state-time to cause the simulator to execute to that particular pin transition or the beginning of that state-causing event
  • (Psuedo) Symbolic Data Debugging - named memory locations (via the #define) are treated as 16-bit variables thereby supporting symbolic debugging.  Drag and drop your named locations into the watch window.
  • Easy-Transition to Real Hardware - a script command conversion capability exports your script commands (that drive the simulation) as SPI commands such that your simulation stimuli can be used to run your actual hardware.
  • Thoroughly tested by internal regression tests including conformance testing that validates the simulation model against the actual hardware.
  • Here at ASH WARE Inc, our philosophy is, The worst bug is the bug you don't know about. Our public release notes list all known bugs and associated releases. Newly discovered bugs are regression tested and fully reported for all supported releases.

Supported Hosts

  • Windows 11, 10, 7
  • Linux under Wine

Supported Targets

  • MC33816

Product Information

  • Software is provided by e-delivery only.
  • All product documentation is electronic and installs with the software. 
  • Node-locked permanent license.  Node-locked means the software is only fully functional on the registered computer.  The node-lock may be moved on request when a computer or user change is required.  Permanent means the software continues to be fully functional permanently; no lease timeout, etc.  A USB dongle may be purchased that simplifies moving the license among computers/users.  Network licensing is also available - contact us for details and pricing.
  • Includes 12 months of full technical support (online or phone) and access to new software releases.

​MC33816 Development Tool