Course Title: Using and Programming the MC33816 Programmable Solenoid Controller

Course Description: This instructor led training is organized as a series of topics that cover architecting a complete solution using the MC33816, developing and debugging MC33816 code using the assembler and simulator, locking in quality by developing an automated test suite, and moving to hardware.  This is a lab-intensive training and students should bring a laptop to do the labs.

Disclaimer.  This course is currently under development and is a collaboration between AMT Publishing and ASH WARE.  The syllabus listed below is preliminary and subject to change.

After completing the course, participants will be prepared to design and program MC33816-based solutions.

Training Schedule - TBA - contact us!


  • Introduction, Installation, and Tools.  This section provides an overview of the MC33816 and a primer on the Assembler, Simulator, and Graphical State Machine Development Tool.  Also provided are step-by-step installation instructions for all tools.  The lab is to modify a piece of code, build it using the assembler, and then run it on the simulator. 
  • The SPI Interface, Clocks, and Timers.  This section covers the Host MCU interface to the MC33816 via the SPI bus and use of the SPI bus by the MC33816 cores in a special 'loopback mode to access the full set of global registers.  The MC33816 has an input pin used to provide a 24 MHZ system clock.  An internal (but less accurate) oscillator monitors the system clock and can automatically takeover as the system clock under various error conditions.  Recovery (switch back to the external clock source) is possible following fault detection.  Internal ti