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NOTE: Requires active ETEC-C-FL license for purchase.


Full simulation and compilation support for all eTPU, eTPU2 and eTPU2+ targets in NXP's MPC55xx, MPC56xx, MPC57xx Power Architecture micros, MCF52xx Coldfire micros, and STMicroelectronics SPC563Mxx micro family. Full simulation and assembly support for the MC33816, and full simulation support for the CPU32.



  • Full Integrated Development Environment – write, build and simulate/debug code all in one tool.
  • Full simulation of the MC33816 pre-driver chip and four microcores.
  • External hardware simulation using default models Full simulation of the eTPU, eTPU2, eTPU2+ execution units and channel hardware, including dual-eTPU support.
  • MC33816, eTPU, or CPU32 can be simulated by themselves or simultaneously in various combinations. Standalone MC33816 or eTPU2+ DevTool can be installed under this license.
  • Supports the eTPU/eTPU2/eTPU2+ on NXP’s MPC55xx, MPC56xx, MPC57xx and MCF52xx microcontrollers, and on STMicroelectronic’s SPC563Mxx microcontroller family.
  • Includes graphical state machine tool that simplifies mapping applications to the eTPU or MC33816 hardware.
  • Includes ASH WARE MC33816 assembler with enhanced features.
  • Includes Ashware ETEC compiler for internal eTPU build capabilities.
  • Simulation environment includes a powerful C-like script command language and a test vector language for input stimulation.
  • Integrated waveform window to view all eTPU and/or MC33816 node state graphically.
  • Full source-level execution control and debugging capabilities (breakpoints, watch window, etc.).

Supported Hosts

  • Windows 11, 10, 7
  • Linux under Wine

Supported Targets

  • Full eTPU - eTPU2+ support for NXP's MPC55xx, MPC56xx, MPC57xx Power Architecture micros, and MCF52xx ColdFire micros
  • Full eTPU2 support for STMicroelectronics/Freescale SPC563Mxx Family - 32-bit microcontrollers for automotive applications
  • MC33816
  • CPU32

Product Information

  • Software is provided by e-delivery only.
  • All product documentation is electronic and installs with the software.
  • Node-locked permanent license. Node-locked means the software is only fully functional on the registered computer. The node-lock may be moved on request when a computer or user change is required. Permanent means the software continues to be fully functional permanently; no lease timeout, etc. A USB dongle may be purchased that simplifies moving the license among computers/users. Network licensing is also available - contact us for details and pricing.
  • Includes 12 months of full technical support (online or phone) and access to new software releases.

System Development Tool upgrade from ETEC

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