TPU Microcoding Course
3-day TPU microcoding training course

ASH WARE – Embedded Software Tools since 1994


Offered in conjunction withNXP., this TPU coding course, TPU Microcoding, is a three-day session that covers the following topics:

  • Chapter 1: Host Interface: Emulation capability, TCR1 and TCR2, registers and channels
  • Chapter 2: TPU Microcode Overview: General and specific instruction formats
  • Chapter 3: Entry Points
  • Chapter 4: Parameter RAM
  • Chapter 5: Channel Control: Channel hardware, match and transition events
  • Chapter 6: Execution Unit: Register list, execution unit hardware
  • Chapter 7: Microengine/Sequencing
  • Chapter 8: Scheduler: Priority scheme and worst case latency (WCL)

Included with the course itself is a set of printed course notes that provide labs at the end of each chapter.

Training Schedule

We teach this course on a regular basis in both Europe and the United States. We can also give the course at your site. Contact ASH WARE sales for details.