TPU System Simulator Course
3-day TPU System Simulator training course

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The need to simulate the entire system, not just the TPU, led to the development of ASH WARE's TPU/CPU System Simulator. In 2001, most active TPU Stand-Alone Simulator customers switched to the TPU/CPU System Simulator in order to take advantages of its advanced features. But the drawback is that system simulation is inherently more complex.

To address the complexity issue, ASH WARE recruited Amy Dyson, who developed the original TPU course for Freescale and who wrote the highly regarded "TPU Microcoding for Beginners" book, to develop a course on TPU/CPU system simulation. This three-day course is geared toward both stand-alone and system simulation users. Topics include the following:

  • Test automation;
  • Test vector and script commands files;
  • Interrupts;
  • The new logic analzyer window;
  • External logic simulation;
  • Functional verification, including data flow, pin transition, and code coverage;
  • Advanced custom model development including shared memory and coherency issues;
  • Model limitations.

 Included with the course itself is a 180-page set of printed course notes that provide labs at the end of each chapter.

Time is money. You can shorten your learning curve by attending this course!

Training Schedule

We teach this course on a regular basis in both Europe and the United States. We can also give the course at your site. Contact ASH WARE sales for details.