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ETEC Compatibility Issues

Compatibility Issues with eTPU-C (legacy compiler)
  • Please see the Legacy to ETEC Porting Guide.

  • Sign-extension performed when a lower rank signed int is converted to a higher range int (signed or unsigned).

signed char c = 0x80;

unsigned int24 x = 0x800;

unsigned int24 y = x | c; // c gets signed extended to 0xffff80, so y = 0xffff80

  • int, short, char [signed] bit-fields are treated as signed (and are thus less efficient). It is recommended unsigned int types be used for bit-fields.

  • We are currently not planning on supporting the following feature. [Please let us know if you need this feature because we are open to supporting it if it is used.]

#pragma ETPU_function_group fg1;

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