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Latest ASH WARE Software Release
Install/upgrade to the latest release of any ASH WARE software product - eTPU2+ /System DevTool Version 2.75 Build B or ETEC Version 3.01 Build B, released 2023-Jul-22.  Also installs the latest Network License Server software, Version 2.21B.

  • For node-locked licenses, the license file ("AshWareComputerKey.ack") must be received by ASH WARE and you must have received an acknowledgement email that registration has been performed, prior to downloading and installing a fully licensed version. For USB dongle licenses, make sure the dongle is plugged into the computer before performing the installation. For network licenses, have the network license server information (server name) available before beginning installation.

  • Your software subscription expiration date must be newer than the software release date in order to to install a fully licensed version. Go to the software archive to install an older version if necessary.

  • Only ASH WARE software received after June 1998 can be upgraded using this utility. 

Archived Software Releases
Licensed users may download and install older versions of ASH WARE software. 

Current Release Notes
Access to DevTool and other product release information. 

NXP AN4907 Engine Control Library
DevTool / ETEC project containing the code, documentation and a demo script of the new engine control library. 

NXP (Freescale) Function Sets (1 - 4)
Downloads of each of the four original NXP eTPU function sets.

GNU 68K/Coldfire C/C++ Compiler Toolkit

Free download of a GNU 68K/Coldfire C/C++ Compiler Toolkit. 

TPU Microcoding Assembly Tools and Documents

Downloads of several versions of TPU MASM as well as TPU Microcoding course notes.

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