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ETEC Unsupported Features

No support is curently planned for the following language features any time soon (let us know if any of these are critical to your development).
... (ellipsis) variable argument support
  • restrict type qualifier support

  • compound literals

  • variable length arrays

  • designators

  • _Accum type support

  • recursion in optimized code

  • hexadecimal floating point constant format

  • fixed-point constant suffixes

  • wide, multi-byte, universal character support

  • "old-style" function definitions with identifier lists

  • size_t and ptrdiff_t types

  • _Bool, long int, long long int as bitfield types

  • not all union members may begin at offset 0, depending upon the mix of members (e.g. int16 and int24)

  • flexible array members

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