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When I send you my license file, what information is contained in this file?

The following things are contained in this file:

  • Your computer has a key that our software requires in order to run in its fully functional, fully licensed mode. The license file contains an encrypted version of this key. The 50 random-appearing numbers at the bottom of the file is the key plus your invoice and license number in an encrypted form.

  • For licensed users we inject information from the purchase order into your executable file. This information is found at the top of the license file as regular ASCII text.

Here at ASH WARE when we receive your license file we add your email address to this file. We do this so that we so that we could (theoretically) notify you when your license is about to expire, or when important new releases come out.


If I email you my license file will I start receiving junk mail?

No. Here at ASH WARE we would like to have a desert island reserved for spammers. What we would do to these evil people is contrary to our Judeo-Christian upbringings so we will not expand on our thoughts here...

Yes, you may receive new release emails from ASH WARE, but when you email us we will never divulge this information outside of ASH WARE. Never, never, never.


How do I move my software from one computer to another?

For node-locked licenses, basically it is the same procedure as the initial installation. Please do the following.

  • Note the purchase order number, invoice number, and license number of the software of the software on the old computer.

  • Install a demo version of the software on your new computer.

  • Email us the license file along with the invoice number, purchase order number, and license number, if available.

  • ASH WARE will remove your old computer, and add your new computer to our installation database and re-post the installation utility.

  • ASH WARE will send you an email indicating that the installation utility is available.

  • Download and install again the installation utility. A fully functional installation of your software will occur!

For holders of USB License Dongles, the dongle need only be moved from one computer to another. The first time on a new PC the installation must be downloaded from ASH WARE and the licensed tool installed. With network licenses, as many client installations as desired may be done, but only the licensed number of users may run simultaneously.

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