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John Diener, Director of Software Development

After picking up Electrical Engineering degrees from the University of Delaware and the University of Arizona, John Diener began his career at AlliedSignal Aerospace in Tucson in 1994.  Although initially employed as a systems engineer, John quickly changed over to the software group and by 1995 was programming the TPU on the 68332 microcontroller, and had met Andy Klumpp.

In late 1995, John moved on from AlliedSignal to Salt Lake City where for a number of years he worked in the visual simulation (real-time computer graphics) industry.  But the TPU and ASH WARE kept John in contact with Andy, and by the later 90’s John became a part-time contributor to ASH WARE, developing the source code and symbolic debugging capabilities for the simulation tools.

This part-time collaboration continued for years, until late 2006 when John came to ASH WARE full-time.  When the decision was made to develop an eTPU/eTPU2 C compiler in 2007, John took the role of lead architect for this new product given his previous compiler development experience.  Right, Andy and John are pictured out for a short walk above Salt Lake while discussing compiler architecture.


As ASH WARE evolves and improves its timing processor support, John continues to live with his wife and two children in the Salt Lake region.  When time permits, he can be found climbingskiing the Wasatch or exploring the desert canyon country.

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