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MC33816 DevTool Details

The NXP MC33816 is a 12 channel programmable gate driver IC - five external MOSFET high side pre-drivers and seven external MOSFET low side pre-drivers.  Gate drive, diagnostics, and protection are managed through four independent microcores and two code/data RAM banks.  Typical use is as an injector driver, but it can be used in many other applications as well.  The ASH WARE MC33816 Simulator/IDE provides all the capability necessary to develop and debug complex driver code: code editor with syntax highlighting, integrated build capability, single core or multi-core simulation, external circuit modeling and simulation, all digital and analog signals scope/analyzer viewable, and much more!!  Features include:

Full Integrated Development Environment - write and debug code all in one tool!

Graphical State Machine Development - define your states and state transition events (ocur, start, fx, etc) within a graphical state machine window.  State and the state transition code (cwer, wait) are automatically generated.  Just fill in the state code.  When simulating, the active state is highlighted.  A variety of Hot Keys support  simulating until next state transition or for executing to specific states.

Powerful Combined 'Logic Analyzer' / ‘Oscilloscope’ Window – view internal & external nodes as either analog or digital signals.  Also, view states as a color-coded enumeration.  Zoom in, zoom out, zoom to cursors, etc.  Powerful interaction with the simulation runs, for example drag & drop a state-time to cause the simulator to execute to that particular pin transition or the beginning of that state-causing event

(Psuedo) Symbolic Data Debugging - named memory locations (via the #define) are treated as 16-bit variables thereby supporting symbolic debugging.  Drag and drop your named locations into the watch window.

Easy-Transition to Real Hardware - a script command conversion capability exports your script commands (that drive the simulation) as SPI commands such that your simulation stimuli can be used to run your actual hardware.

View a video of the ASH WARE MC33816 IDE in action!

Direct links to video sections include:

To view a VIDEO of the  MC33816 Wait Table, click here.

Viewing MC33816 Variables in the Watch Window.

Renaming MC33816 nodes and driving complex waveforms on MC33816 input pins using the Vector File.

The 'Built-in Make' utility explained.

Simulating and debugging customized external user-defined circuitry.

Besides the development IDE, ASH WARE also offers MC33816 training and consulting services - talk to us about how ASH WARE can assist your development efforts!

The ASH WARE MC33816 Development Tool is a full IDE; see the screen shots below.


Full code editing capability with syntax highlighting is supported.


The Logic Analyzer / Scope view allows simultaneous view of digital and analog signals, as well as discrete signals such as code variables and state machine state!


MC33816 Circuit Windows provide an intuitive interface to view signal values and the current configuration.

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