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MIL-STD-1553 eTPU Driver

The ASH WARE MIL-STD-1553 Driver allows the NXP eTPU to act as a Remote Terminal (RT,) Monitor Terminal (MT) or Bus Controller (BC).  This driver has been written to support both the eTPU and eTPU2 devices, and can run on any NXP or STMicro chip with the eTPU/eTPU2 peripheral, where the eTPU module is clocked at 100MHz or faster.


Initial public release, v1.00, on github.

Features and Details

The following features are supported.

  • RT, MT or BC.

  • eTPU driver performs message protocol handling.

  • A complete message can be buffered by the eTPU driver.

  • Programmable interrupts on a variety of events such as command valid, message complete, error, etc.

A redundant driver requires the entire eTPU engine (MT), or both engines of a dual-engine eTPU (RT/BC), depending upon eTPU module clock rate.

Example Waveforms

The following image shows the driver low level digital waveforms.  Because of the relatively fast edge speed of the 1553 the primary technical barrier is getting the edge rates to meet the requirements at full speed.  The waveforms below show that this has been achieved with a significant timing margin (eTPU clocked at 132MHz).




Testing includes 100 % code and jump coverage of the eTPU software. All features described in the User Manual have been tested.

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