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MPC5500 Course

Course Description

The MPC5500 course is a three day presentation that covers system resources and individual blocks of the microcontroller. Topics cover detailed operation, of the PowerPC core, system cache and Memory Management unit, system protection, internal and external buses including cross bar switch, Interrupt signaling and handling, complete coverage of the enhanced Direct Memory Access Controller (eDMA), integrated peripheral description and operation, application examples and comparisons to the MPC500. A course notebooks and Textbooks are provided.

Hands-on are optional depending on EVBs and equipment availability.

Detailed Agenda

Day 1

  • Core

  • Programming Model

  • Classic PowerPC Instruction Set Basics (optional)

  • New Instructions on e500z6

  • Interrupts & Interrupt Controller

  • Memory Management Unit (MMU)

  • Cache

  • Initialization

  • Device Configuration

Day 2

  • Software Initialization Checklist

  • Peripherals and Flash

  • DMA

  • eMIOS

  • eTPU

  • eQADC

Day 3

  • eSCI

  • DSPI

  • FlexCAN

  • Flash

  • Tools

  • Nexus Summary

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