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Network License Server

ASH WARE's  Network License Server provides a floating license capability for all ASH WARE software products. An unlimited number of client installations can share a fixed number of software licenses. This is useful for a large group of part-time developers, or in situations where a developer needs to runs the tools from multiple computers (offices, labs, etc.). Complete details can be found in the License Reference Manual. The Network License Server is a companion product to other ASH WARE software products and thus is not purchased by itself. Contact ASH WARE for pricing of network licenses, or network license upgrades from existing node-lock licenses.

System Requirements

  • Windows TCP/IP networking.

  • No firewalls between clients and license server, or at the very least, the TCP port in use (default is 6333) must be forwarded through the firewall.

  • The license server computer must be running Windows XP or newer (XP, 7, 10, 11), or preferably Windows Server (2003 or newer).

  • The license server computer must have .NET Framework 2.0 or newer installed.

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