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Network License Server Release Details

V1.00A New Features and Fixed Bugs (2010-Mar-26)
  • initial release of the Network License Server

V1.00B New Features and Fixed Bugs (2010-Apr-15)
  • The eTPU and eTPU2 Simulators were able to acquire licenses from the network license server, but their lock on them timed out after several minutes forcing the application to close. This has been fixed. [critical bug]

  • The Network License Server installation was failing to install the kl2dll32.dll, without which it cannot run. The work-around was to manually install the dll. This installation issue has been fixed.

V1.10A New Features and Fixed Bugs (2010-June-10)
  • the ability to check-out a license for an extended period while out of network contact with the network license server has been added.  The check-out (and check-in if needed) is accomplished through command line options to the ETEC Linker or the appropriate simulation executable (e.g. ETpu2Simulator.exe).  The License Reference Manual should be consulted for further details.

  • -networkCheckout= : Attempts to checkout a network license until the specified date and time.  The HH field is in 24 hour time.  No linking is done; only the license checkout.

  • -networkCheckin : Returns a checked out license to the network license server; only needed if returning the license early.

V1.31C New Features and Fixed Bugs (2010-Aug-13)
  • the network licensing capability now supports timeout (e.g. evaluation) licenses.

  • a few license server crashes have been observed, at least one when a System::IO::IOException was thrown and not handled.  Extra code to guard against this type of exception and crash has been added, although it is not yet guaranteed to correct the reported faliures.

V2.00A New Features and Fixed Bugs (2011-May-9)
  • The network license server exception handling has been improved to provide more robust and reliable processing.  It is recommended that users upgrade to this release of the license server in order to have more reliable performance.

  • Fix installation conflicts between the Ashware installer and DEP (Data Execution Prevention) that caused the installer to fail when DEP was activated on all processes.

V2.10A New Features and Fixed Bugs (2012-May-23)
  • We have found that the Network License Server is dependent on the runtime components of Visual C++ libraries (C runtime - CRT - to be specific).  In most cases users have this installed before the ASH WARE Network License Server is installed, and there is no problem, however, if the CRT is not installed the license server will fail to run.  Depending upon which flavor of Windows OS is in use, the message may be fairly cryptic, or may specifically state that the Microsoft CRT is missing.  The most recent release of the Visual C++ Redistributable package can found here.  The ASH WARE Network License Server requires the x86 version.  More information on this package can be found on another Microsoft webpage.  Installing the Visual C++ library package may solve the problem, but may not in some cases.  In these last few cases, the problem can be patched by creating a private assembly deployment by dropping the key .dll files and manifest into the license server installation directory (the directory that contains AshLicenseServer.exe).  The 4 files needed can be downloaded from ASH WARE from this link - unzipping them into the network license server installation directory should correct the failure.  As of this release, these .dll file install with the application so the work-around should no longer be needed.

V2.10B New Features and Fixed Bugs (2014-Jul-11)
  • it has been found that licenses with maintenance expiration in the months of August or September may not work correctly in some cases.  Release V2.10B of the Network License Server fixes the issue.  Until able to upgrade to a network license server version that corrects the problem, please contact ASH WARE to get a new network license file that works around the issue.

V2.20A New Features and Fixed Bugs (2015-Jun-24)
  • A new release needed to be made in order to work with the new DevTool products.

V2.21A New Features and Fixed Bugs (2018-Aug-13)
  • A new release as the Network License Server is now built using VS2017. No functional changes.

V2.21B New Features and Fixed Bugs (2022-Jan-13)
  • A new release as the Network License Server is now built using VS2022. No functional changes.

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