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Version 2.20 released, with these key updates!

  • Release 2.20 : (2015-December-22) Added label bit swap capability to receive and transmit drivers. Added a Holt parity mode to receive.  Added compile-time configuration of master/slave to A/B signal connection for transmit driver. Removed support for ByteCraft compiler.
  • Release 2.12 : (2014-October-8) Cleaned up some warnings and provided explanations for the remaining compiler warnings.  Moved forward to latest ETEC compiler release. Fixed a minor issue in the coverage portion of the tests.
  • Release 2.11 : (2013-March-13) The RX function can now be compile-time configured to accept digital A or B on the master, and vice-versa on the slave. The default is a master-A / slave-B connection, which matches the TX function channel polarity.
  • Release 2.10 : (2012-May-31) Make label filtering and parity check/generation runtime configurable.  Optimize the code to allow it to run 16 high-speed channels on an MCU running 80MHz (ETEC build only). Support both even and odd parity.  Add support for SDI bit filtering (runtime configurable).
  • Release 2.00 : (2011-June-30) Add label filtering and parity check options to the RX function, and a parity generation option to the TX function.  Updated tests and documentation to support these new capabilities.  Note that these new features can be optionally compiled out.



  • Run up to 16 channels using Freescale's eTPU/eTPU2/eTPU2+ (32 on dual-eTPU microcontrollers such as the MPC5554).
  • A small amount of external hardware is required to convert the signals to/from digital.
  • Supports both High Speed (100KB) and low speed versions
  • Run in polled or interrupt mode
  • New 2.0 version supports parity handling at the eTPU level in both RX and TX, as well as message/label filtering in the RX.
  • Purchase of a license entitles the purchaser to use the eTPU drivers on a single product. If the driver were to be used on another product, a second license would need to be purchased (subsequent licences are priced at s discount).  Contact us for one-time license (i.e. unlimited use by purchaser) pricing.
  • Each license is royalty free. ASH WARE receives no per unit royalty.

ARINC 429 Transmit and Receive Drivers

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