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C Compiler Toolkit for all eTPU, eTPU2 and eTPU2+ targets in NXP's MPC55xx, MPC56xx and MPC57xx Power Architecture micros, MCF52xx Coldifre micros, and STMicroelectronics SPC563Mxx/SPC564Axxx micro families.


  • Compatibility Mode - Full support for existing legacy code, compile your existing code base nearly "As Is."
  • C compiler based upon the C99 (ISO/IEC 9899:1999) and draft "Embedded C" (ISO/IEC TR18037) specifications.
  • Supports eTPU and eTPU2 targets.
  • Auto-generates all the files necessary to interface and integrate with the host CPU.
  • Outputs tighter and faster code than other tools - true "best in class" performace.
  • Windows command line toolset that can be integrated with IDEs such as Eclipse, PSPad, Developer Studio, or others. ETEC also runs on Linux/UNIX platforms under Wine.
  • Thoroughly tested by internal regression tests and the Perennial CVSA C compiler test suite.
  • Here at ASH WARE Inc, our philosophy is, The worst bug is the bug you don't know about. Our public release notes cross reference all known bugs with all known releases. Newly discovered bugs are regression tested and fully reported for all supported releases.

 ETEC Toolkit

  • C Cross-Compiler and Preprocessor
  • Symbolic Macro Assembler
  • Optimizer, Analyzer and Linker

Supported Hosts

  • Windows 11, 10, 7, XP, 2000, NT 4.0.
  • Linux under Wine

Supported Targets

  • Full eTPU/eTPU2/eTPU2+ support for NXP's MPC55xx, MPC56xx, MPC57xx Power Architecture micros, and MCF52xx ColdFire micros
  • Full eTPU2 support for STMicroelectronics/NXP SPC563Mxx Family - 32-bit microcontrollers for automotive applications

Product Information

  • Software is provided by e-delivery only.
  • All product documentation is electronic and installs with the software. 
  • Node-locked permanent license.  Node-locked means the software is only fully functional on the registered computer.  The node-lock may be moved on request when a computer or user change is required.  Permanent means the software continues to be fully functional permanently; no lease timeout, etc.  A USB dongle may be purchased that simplifies moving the license among computers/users.  Network licensing is also available - contact us for details and pricing.
  • Includes 12 months of full technical support (online or phone) and access to new software releases.

ETEC C Compiler

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