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"eTPU Programming Made Easy" translated to Japanese. A good starting point for learning to program the eTPU as well as a valuable reference for experienced eTPU programmers.


This book is created in two parts: Part I begins almost immediately into eTPU programming, introduces eTPU concepts on an as-needed basis, and provides a problem-based approach to learning to code the eTPU. Part II provides a complete and detailed explanation of all aspects of the  eTPU. Readers who want a full understanding of the eTPU itself before learning to program it or who wish to gain quicker insight into certain portions of the eTPU, can consult Part II of this book first or in tandem with Part I. It is assumed the reader has a basic knowledge of C. In short, we hope that this dual-part approach will cater to almost all  backgrounds and all learning styles.


The book concentrates on algorithm construction and implementation with examples in C. Those who are familiar with the Time Processor Unit (TPU) and TPU microcoding will have little difficulty understanding the Enhanced Time Processor Unit (eTPU) and how to program it. While prior knowledge of TPU or eTPU is helpful, those new to the eTPU will be able to learn its operation and programming. Fortunately, the eTPU tools (ETEC C Compiler and eTPU Simulator from ASH WARE) make your task easier to program the eTPU.

eTPU Programming Made Easy Book, Japanese Edition

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