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Full simulation and compilation support for all eTPU, eTPU2 and eTPU2+ targets in NXP's MPC55xx, MPC56xx, MPC57xx Power Architecture micros, MCF52xx Coldifre micros, and STMicroelectronics SPC563Mxx\SPC564Axx micro families. The most efficient and reliable way to develop eTPU code!



  • Full Integrated Development Environment - write, build and debug code all in one tool!
  • Providing complete simulation of all features of NXP's eTPU through eTPU2+ - ASH WARE's eTPU2+ Development Tool provides a sophisticated and cycle-accurate eTPU1/2/2+ simulation with debugging capabilities such as an integrated graphical waveform viewer, code coverage analysis, variable and watch windows, trace, direct register modification, data verification, and test verification.  There are many other features that speed your development and help improve the quality of your code - see the reference manual for more information.
  • Graphical State Machine Development - define your states and state transition events (MRL_A, TDL_A, etc.) within a graphical state machine window.  State transition code is automatically generated.  Just fill in the state code.  When simulating, the active state is highlighted.  A variety of Hot Keys support  simulating until next state transition or for executing to specific states.
  • Includes the ETEC C Compiler toolkit for the eTPU and eTPU2.  Produces highly optimized, reliable code while providing many features including: WCTL/WCL analysis, true auto-generation of host interface code, multiple memory models, and access to unique eTPU hardware within C.
  • Powerful Waveform Window – view internal & external digital nodes as well as discrete (symbol value) data nodes.  Also, view states as a color-coded enumeration.  Zoom in, zoom out, zoom to cursors, etc.  Powerful interaction with the simulation runs, for example drag & drop a state-time to cause the simulator to execute to that particular pin transition or the beginning of that state-causing event
  • Symbolic Data Debugging - watch window, local variable window and channel frame windows allow easy view and access to all data variables. Drag and drop symbols into the watch window, or drag and drop values into any of the symbolic debug windows.
  • Thoroughly tested by internal regression tests including conformance testing that validates the simulation model against the actual hardware.
  • The NXP eTPU(2+) is a great solution for performing complex timing tasks. Typical usage's are automotive engine control, electronic motor control, serial communication, too name just a few. The benefit to customers is that the eTPU(2+) replaces custom external ASICS thereby greatly reducing the total cost of your design. The legacy Motorola TPU is popular in a variety of markets, and its successor, the NXP eTPU(2+), can do so much more!

Supported Hosts

  • Windows 11, 10, 7
  • Linux under Wine

Supported Targets

  • Full eTPU  - eTPU2+ support for NXP's MPC55xx, MPC56xx, MPC57xx Power Architecture micros, and MCF52xx ColdFire micros
  • Full eTPU2 support for STMicroelectronics/Freescale SPC563Mxx Family - 32-bit microcontrollers for automotive applications

Product Information

  • Software is provided by e-delivery only.
  • All product documentation is electronic and installs with the software.
  • Node-locked permanent license.  Node-locked means the software is only fully functional on the registered computer.  The node-lock may be moved on request when a computer or user change is required.  Permanent means the software continues to be fully functional permanently; no lease timeout, etc.  A USB dongle may be purchased that simplifies moving the license among computers/users.  Network licensing is also available - contact us for details and pricing.
  • Includes 12 months of full technical support (online or phone) and access to new software releases.

eTPU2+ Development Tool

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